Young Women Should Learn to Trade Stocks

According to the financial services industry survey, only about 28% of women are traders or investment advisors. Yet, women make all sorts of critical financial decisions as they get older and manage their own single life, or as they become Mothers and often the CEO of their family.  

However, the financial services industry is still a male dominant industry. Young girls in school still, despite progress, are often marginalized in math classes and other analytic arenas. 

As someone who has two younger sisters, I hear them always encouraged to be empowered and not depend on anyone else for their financial destiny. I couldn’t agree more.

Not to mention, many women naturally possess the skills that are required to be great traders and investors. It is just they are not encouraged to use them in the trading arena. 

That is a shame and needs to change.

Trading and investing requires analytic skills, decisive decision making, and an ability to manage stress. These are all skills I have seen in my own Mother, women leaders that I know, and see increasingly when I watch interviews of women business leaders.

In addition, trading provides an opportunity for financial independence and empowerment. 

At, we teach our newsletter subscribers to learn to trade and invest using a combination of technical and fundamental analysis to identify stocks and manage risk.

Currently I am proud to say about half of our newsletter subscribers are female, I’d like to see that percentage keep growing.

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