How to Invest When Covid is Dead

The Covid pandemic created tremendous damage to the economy, small businesses and individuals

both from a health standpoint and also financially. Millions of people lost their jobs, and some may not

return to the same companies where they once worked. Others were able to continue working on a

remote basis and developed new ways to work that will live on long after the pandemic is over.

Students have learned to use technology to attend classes remotely at colleges, and also from the

elementary thru high school level. It is a rapid change in the way we live. Most of us will never

experience an economic impact this dramatic again.

The question however needs to now focus on the future, after Covid is Dead.

How can we rebuild our financial lives?

How can young adults prosper in this changed world?

What ways can I start to build my own financial freedom so that I will be prepared in case another

an unexpected event occurs?

At, the answer is empower yourself to trade and invest.

For those who take the time and energy to learn the basics of trading they can outperform the market

by learning some simple strategies to at least reduce the risk of big losses and capture consistent gains.

So how should invest or trade as this Pandemic is hopefully coming to an end?

One approach is to focus on companies that were beaten down during the pandemic and invest in them

as they resume their normal business activities. If you look at charts of companies in this category like

carnival cruise line (CCL), American airlines (AAL), or restaurants like Chipotle (CMG), you will see many

of them have already rebounded significantly from last March when the pandemic was getting started.

These companies and others are still companies that with the right entry and risk management that we

teach RPM newsletter subscribers, can still be potentially good investments.

However, there is another approach that could be very profitable.

Focus on new companies that are coming to the market now. New companies are called Initial Public

Offerings, or for short IPOs (IPO).

At one point every stock was an IPO. From chipotle (CMG), to Tesla(TSLA), to Google (GOOG).

Of course not all IPOs turn out to be great investments. Many fail, but some go on to make their

investors are very wealthy.

Our perspective at RPM Assets is that companies that come public now, after all the financial ruin that

has occurred in the past year, must have something going for them.

If a company has survived this pandemic and is thriving that tells you a lot about their business.

The business either has survived the past year despite the challenges and tells you it can likely withstand

future shocks to their business.

Another thing it may tell you, and this is the part we are most excited about, it is a business that is new

and meant to thrive in a post-covid world.

Out of the financial turmoil of the past year, people all around the world, students, families, and

companies, have had to change the way they live their lives. Yes, many things will return to ‘normal’. But

somethings won’t. Or at least we will return to our normal routines with some adaptations.

It is these adaptations that many businesses are selling products and services too that are potential

great investments.

Some things we can imagine. Movie companies will continue releasing new movies, but perhaps home

streaming will become even more common. How we travel and go to restaurants may change. Where

people choose to live may change, or maybe it won’t and people will return to crowded cities as long as

they feel they can live in a safe environment.

Many things we can’t imagine. There will be companies that create innovative products and services

that we haven’t yet heard about, or thought about. Some will fail, but some will be wildly successful.

This is the opportunity. Learn to trade and invest in these newer companies in order to build financial

freedom and at least a financial cushion when the next time a financial shock hits us.

So how to trade and invest in IPOs?

Step 1

Find companies. This is a simple, free strategy I want to teach you. Every day there are new companies

that are coming to the stock market. Others are announcing their intention to list their IPO.

Go to google, and create an alert for the keyword IPO.

Everyday in your inbox you get a list of news about an IPO. Often you get perhaps 10 top stories or articles

about companies going public in the near future.

Step 2

Make a list of companies and read a little about them. Are they creating a new product or service for

this post pandemic world?

Are they a ‘normal company’, like a restaurant or travel company, that has figured out how to appeal to

people who may have ongoing concerns about health and safety?

Make a list of these companies.

Step 3

When these companies go public, meaning their stocks are actually listed on the stock exchange.

Do not buy them on the opening day.

Create a watch list of them.

Step 4

Study the fundamentals of the company.

How is the sales or earnings per share growth?

At, we have articles that talk about these two metrics and why they are important for a


Give the IPO time to trade, some will go up a lot, some sideways and some go up and crash down.

Whatever happens, generally we would recommend waiting at least a month to see how the price range

settles in.

At we will teach you how to look at a stock chart and look for good risk/reward

opportunities to buy a stock.

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The Covid Pandemic has created a lot of financial damage, but also created huge opportunities for some

new companies to grow and become the next household company name.

Now is not the time to look to the past, but look to the future and learn to trade and invest to build your

financial freedom.

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