Introduction to Chart Analysis

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This course contains- 11 Videos/lessons, a test, and a certificate upon passing the test. The certificate can be used on your social media, college or job applications, or anywhere else to prove you have obtained some skills in chart analysis and trading. A great advantage! 

Hello, I am Ronak Dave’, Founder of RPM Assets. I have learned a lot about how to analyze stocks. I am still learning more everyday, but so far what I have learned about chart analysis has been very helpful to me in picking stocks and in this course I am going to share with you a lot about what I have learned in order to help you improve your odds for successful trades.

There is no 100% guaranteed way to pick winning stocks. However, there are ways to improve your odds for success and manage your risks. This is why I like using charts to make my stock picks. 

First, what are stock charts? Yes I know you are going to say they show prices of stocks. That is true, but what is behind those prices? People! People buying and selling. People and sure, sometimes machines programmed by people, are making decisions to buy and sell stocks. Well, charts show us that information.

The nice thing about a chart, regardless of what some analyst says on TV about a stock, or a company says about how great their business is doing, or what stock is trending on social media, a chart tells us the truth about what the stock is currently doing, and when analyzed right gives a big edge on determining where it is going. That’s what we are most interested in and that is what I want to teach you in this course.

The second reason I really like charts is they help me control my risk. As I have said many times if you follow my newsletter, you know risk is a big deal to me. In fact, I have learned it is more important than picking winners. You will have losers. The best chart setups WILL fail. But how big are your losses? That is the main factor that will determine if you are successful in the long run.

Using charts I can set up stops in strategic places to help me manage my risk, that’s a key factor.

Lastly, when markets go down, even great companies can see their stocks fall a lot, and a chart can reveal those warnings even if the company has great sales or earnings. Also, if the market is going down and a stock barely budges, that is a great sign of strength that can also be seen in a chart. 

So, let’s get started.

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