How to Trade ‘IPO’ Stocks

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Learn to analyze initial public offerings (IPO), technical and fundamental features that increase your odds for success.

My goal in this course is to share the right tools with you to increase your odds for success.

Anyone guaranteeing you all win isn’t telling you the truth.

In this course I want to share what I’ve learned to help you identify stock IPOs that are likely to be big winners.

After taking this course, Students will be able to identify stock chart patterns of successful ipos, evaluate the fundamentals of new companies coming to the market that are likely to be successful, and also how to better manage risk when trading.

The course is designed in three parts, first, how to set up your stock chart. Second, a review of basic charting principles and third what financial characteristics of ipos are most important when considering investing in them.

This course is open to all levels but beginner and intermediate traders are likely to benefit the most. If you are a student or have a regular job and are just getting into trading, this course is ideal for you. If you are wondering why some IPOS go on to great success and others fail miserably this course will help you understand that better. There is a lot of bias and misinformation in the financial news. I hope to help you bring some clarity to your investing strategies and in doing so, improve your odds for making money trading IPOs.

Thank you for your interest in this course, I would ask you to join the community, so we can all more successfully invest in new companies in the stock market.

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